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B-Star Wheels

Golf R32 Wheels

Golf R32 Wheels

These bespoke 3 piece split rims were designed as the epitome of the perfect retro modern wheel, with design elements taken from iconic 80’s GTI’s brought right up to date while managing to keep the really deep dish look of classic wheels at the higher offset required for this show cars perfect fitment.

If you have an idea for a unique set of 3-piece wheels that you’d love to see made exclusively once for yourself alone and never again after, then get in touch. We’ve got nearly 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing aluminium wheels, from circuit to the rally stage, a huge range of classic car wheels and even pre-production prototype wheels for a variety of world renown companies, utilising the very latest in design and F.E.A software.

Get in touch with us today, we’d love to make it happen.

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